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About us

Our History

The history of the Jacques Lefebvre Fishing Center began in the 1960s. We can say today that the installation of the cabins has evolved over time. Indeed, before, the fishing cabins were attached to an iron slay (sled) which was attached to the back of the horse and pulled the whole thing.

Léon Lefebvre, the pioneer of the Jacques Lefebvre fishing center, started renting small fishing cottages when he only had a few that measured 8X8. At the beginning there was no office, people would come to Léon’s and he would drive the clients on the ice with a small sled and the essentials for fishing since the roads were closed in winter. At that time, Léon had only 1 cabin to rent, it is only when he saw that people were interested that he built other cabins and later an office.

Jacques Lefebvre, then 15-16 years old, started to drill holes for his father Léon as well as for other fishing centers. It was in 1978 that Leon sold the fishing center to his son Jacques, when he was only 18 years old. At that time, the Lefebvre outfitter contained only 6 cottages. Today we can count 14, finished in small boards and modernized in brown colors, which has become our signature!

Today, the fishing center is still operated by Jacques Lefebvre, his wife Denise and his two sons Maxime and Sebastien. Proof that Lefebvre Outfitters has always been a family business, and we hope it will remain so for generations to come!

Regroupment : https://lespetitspoissons.ca/


Our location is unique. We are located in the heart of the fishing village (across from the church) and just a few steps from the festival grounds.

For the avid angler, who prefers to fish in the evening/night, our staff is on site until late at night. Also, during the day, enjoy an outdoor walk on the river and the free programming offered on site (shows, inflatable games, mascot and streetcar ride).

Our cottages

Today, the rustic-looking “cabins” of the pioneer era have evolved into comfortable heated and lighted cottages with furniture (tables, chairs, couch). For safety reasons, all our cottages are equipped with a protection/anti-fall system. All our cottages are equipped with a wood stove. Wood is provided free of charge so that you can fish in comfort. In addition, our cottages have electrical outlets for your electronic equipment. Bring your pans to cook your freshly caught tomcod on site!

Services offered

At Lefebvre Fishing Center, we are pleased to offer several services for your complete satisfaction. You will have at your disposal a place with hot water to wash your hands as well as clean and heated toilets. We also accept pets.

We are located near the following services: convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, SAAQ, ATM, gas stations, lodging.


Every weekend of the fishing season for small channel fish:

  • Inflatable games
  • Mini-golf
  • Face painting for children
  • Soccer billiards
  • Streetcar rides
  • Slides and skating rinks
  • Thematic center on the tomcod
  • Mini-farm
  • Pony carousel
  • Singer shows

Fun for the whole family! Come live this unique experience at the Lefebvre Fishing Center.